What is the connection between a juggler who plays with juicy oranges on his bike with a rabbit driving a red Vespa full of carrots, an Indian princess in a garden full of peacocks and a group of dancers in an exotic beach? The answer is revealed through the new, breakthrough packaging of Life Long-Life juices, which promise us to take us away!

Now Life Long-Life Juice by DELTA has a fully renewed look and invites us in a journey to the world of imagination and taste. The new packaging of each flavor tells its own unique story, which is always related to the fruit it features. In this way, it becomes the means of letting our mind escape from routine! And the more we look at each packaging, the more we find out new, hidden details which add depth and life to each story.   Of course, the exquisite taste of Life juices is an essential piece of this journey.

Tasting them you feel the fruit explosion that releases all the flavor, the smell and the freshness in your glass!   This summer, a new Superfruits flavor is added to the new Life Long-Life line, the new Life Pomegranate. This new juice has a unique, signature taste of pomegranate and is another fresh, delightful idea, combined with its antioxidant action!

Life Long-Life Juice by DELTA: Explosive taste of fruit that carries you away!      


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