Another rough day full of errands to run, but also full of great activities you don’t want to miss. You feel the fatigue taking control, but still you need to do everything, live with your heart and give the best of you.

For not losing your rhythm and being there in every moment, new VIBE by LIFE! An energy drink with fruit juice, natural caffeine, guarana and vitamins, that gives you the natural energy you need any time of day, from morning till night, in the most refreshing and tasty way.

Each time you feel your body and mind leaving you, yourself getting stuck, grab a Vibe and reboot with pleasure. Available in 3 fresh, explosive flavors that will give you energy and quench your thirst: Vibe Raspberry – Goji Berry, Vibe Kiwi – Starfruit and VibeTropicalFruits.

New VIBE Energy Juice Drink by Life. Reboots your mind and body.


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