Life Tsai pink grapefruitΤLast summer, LifeTsai by ΔΕΛΤΑ refreshed us thanks to its two, innovative, delicious flavors of the new series Superfruits Pomegranate – Cranberry and Blueberry – Raspberry with antioxidant action.

As for this year, another exciting flavor is added to this successful line, which promises to excite us and carry as away to the most unexpected experience of freshness! New LifeTsai Superfruits Pineapple – Pink Grapefruit is based on black tea and combines the exotic flavor of Pineapple with the unique scents of Pink Grapefruit in an amazing, absolute summer experience. The new flavor, as well as the other flavors of the Superfruits line has 50% less sugar compared to the basic  LifeTsai line plus antioxidant action!

New LifeTsai Superfruits Pineapple – Pink Grapefruit by DELTA: This summer has an exotic taste!


LifeTsai: That’s the way tea should be!



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