Based on the GAIA action plan for the support of the Greek economy and the boost of the Greek agricultural production implemented by DELTA, a new website for the program, mainly targeted to farmers is now online.

The website in question is also targeting consumers, who can access it in order to be informed on DELTA’s attempts of gradually supporting the alimentation of cows, which produce the milk distributed by the company, by utilizing Greek plants produced in the Greek region.

Aiming at offering continuous and complete information to the Greek farmers, DELTA launched an electronic communication and training platform for Greek farmers, in order to brief them on the benefits gained by the cultivation of Greek plants.

At, the Greek producers can be informed on the cultivation of legumes, can study the progress of the GAIA action plan and can be granted access to relevant educational material.

For 60 years now, DELTA remains focused on its vision and values, supporting the Greek farming, the Greek society and the Greek economy, by offering products of supreme quality.

A few words on the GAIA Action Plan:

DELTA researched and fully developed the ambitious GAIA action plan, an initiative based on two main guidelines: on the systematic attempts of DELTA to gradually use 100% Greek plants in the alimentation of cows and on the information and training provided to Greek farmers in order to take advantage of the Greek animal feeds and the capacities of the Greek soil, in order to ensure Sustainability and the Viable Growth. The implementation of GAIA Action Plan started in January 2012 and is fully developing ever since.

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