GAIA Action Plan

DELTA, mainly aiming at supporting the Greek economy by using Greek feed in the alimentation of the cows that produce DELTA milk, has researched and fully developed GAIA, an ambitious action plan.

The action plan in question, which is currently on its second stage of implementation, is based on two major guidelines: the first one involves the systematic initiative taken by DELTA in order to gradually use 100% Greek plants for the alimentation of the cows and the second one refers to the information and training of the Greek farmers for the utilization of Greek feeds and the capacity of the Greek soil, striving for the support of the Sustainability and Viable Development.

The first stage of “GAIA” project (January 2012 – June 2012) was focused on the scientific research on the alimentation of animals with feeds exclusively produced in Greece. The research team used plants such as corn, sunflower, rapeseed and several legumes in order to achieve innovative combinations of feeds, based on 100% Greek raw materials, which can fully replace the use of imported soy.
During the second stage, two central courses of action were followed:

The first stage refers to the completion of a series of informative seminars to Greek farmers, having taken place in 6 cities of Greece. More than 500 farmers participated in the events in question, which create practical know-how in the field of cultivation of traditional domestic farming plants, demonstrate the ways of effectively combining their harvest with the cow feeds and inform producers on a new, more cost-effective option on alimentation, by resolving the issues caused by soy.

The second course of action refers to the collaboration with the Agronomy University of Athens (A.U.O.Α.), which commenced with the cultivation of 60 acres of land in the University Farm in Aliartos last week.

A mixed seed of vicia and barley was applied to the 60-acre field, in three different analogies, in order to produce fresh feed, which can be used for the feeding of cows.

The harvest will take place during the first ten days of April 2013 and the fresh feed produced will be analyzed by the Nutrition and Physiology Laboratory of A.U.O.A. in regular intervals, in order to evaluate its nutritional value and its optimal analogy of cross-cultivation.

Furthermore, a research implementation is on schedule, with the collaboration of a farm-partner of DELTA, in order to evaluate the outcomes of using fresh feed after having being turned to silage, as a part of a set of actions aiming at the restriction of the dependence of farming on imported animal feed and at the utilization of farmland, which remains uncultivated today during the winter months.

Further to the guidelines of GAIA action plan and striving to offer continuous and complete information to Greek farmers, DELTA will launch an online interactive platform of communication and training for Greek farmers, effective in a few days.

By assuming the leading role in the support of the production of Greek animal feed, DELTA has developed “GAIA” action plan in January 2012, in order to fully replace imported, non-mutated soy with 100% Greek raw materials in cow alimentation and in order to create a new agricultural culture, taking a direct turn to specific Greek plants.

For 60 years now, DELTA remains focused on its vision and values, by supporting the Greek animal farming, the Greek society and the Greek economy, by offering top-quality products.