A strategic agreement in the field of catering industry for the expansion in Libyan market has been signed

Vivartia Group, always true to its commitment on extroversion and continuous promotion of the potential of the Greek Entrepreneurship in overseas markets, signed a new strategic agreement, in order to expand in the field of catering in the Libyan market.

To be more specific,  Goody’s – Everest Group signed a contract with the Libyan-based company  Tasty Franchise Ltd for the development of Goody’s and Flocafe franchises in Libya. The agreement in question foresees the opening of at least 10 Goody’s restaurants and 10 Flocafé shops in all major cities of Libya, with the first branches of both franchises set for opening until this summer.

The agreement in question comes to seal the extroversion plan, effectively and thoroughly implemented by Goody’s – Everest Catering Group, which already incorporates agreements for the franchises development in Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo, FYROM, Belarus and United Arabic Emirates, as well as for the opening of more than 20 branches in Cyprus, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary.

The Managing Director of the Catering Division, Mr. Thanassis Papanikolaou stated “This new agreement on the presence of Greek brands in the rapidly developing market of Libya makes us really happy and is a recent addition to the already dynamic presence of Goody’s – Everest abroad. It is proof that the Greek entrepreneurship is put to the test and undoubtedly has the means of successfully competing on an international level and winning attention“.

The Managing Director of Vivartia Group, Mr. Giannis Artinos, added:  Vivartia Group keeps on investing on the Greek entrepreneurship, on innovation and quality. Through a program of dynamic extroversion, we’re rapidly and intensely developing our presence abroad during the last 2 years, by means of importing products and services and by means of new production units –such as the one stemming from the collaboration with Exeed Industries. The Catering group, after the opening of new branches in the markets of the Balkan and Northern European regions, now takes its first step towards the emerging market of N. Africa. The new agreement with Tasty Franchise Ltd for 20 new branches, adds another country to the Group’s portfolio, aiming at 7mil. of new consumers, to whom we have the opportunity of offering our products and services”.