This ongoing pure fiction surrounding the alleged intention of DELTA to be acquired by OLYMPOS is an indication of immodesty and lack of business ethics on behalf of those who invented it.

Truth is that during a meeting, which was strongly requested by Sarantis Bros with MIG representatives without any prior notice on the issue, when the former stated that they wish to submit a written proposition for the acquisition of DELTA, the latter replied politely that DELTA is not for sale and refused to receive the respective portfolio.

What followed would have given us the idea to do something similar to NESTLE and DANONE and then make statements that we are trying to acquire them and take full pride of such action!  However, our feelings of balance and seriousness should deter us from such antics.

DELTA, the undisputed leader in its market, is not for sale.  The next accumulation move in the field of dairy goods is the acquisition of MEVGAL by DELTA, even through legal procedures, as long as the shareholders of MEVGAL insist on not respecting the binding contract they have signed.