January 2, 2015

Denying a respective publication of a Sunday newspaper, we would like to inform the investors that there has been no change whatsoever in the shareholders structure and the Management of MIG and its affiliates.


Thanks to the huge effort of its executives and its employees, MIG has already successfully dealt with the crisis and is now striving for constant development. Meanwhile, the definite decision of the International Court of Arbitration is pending within 2016, following the arbitration of the Company against the Republic of Cyprus for its 823 million euro investment in the Popular Bank plus interests and damages.

In regards to the alleged agreement of the Piraeus Bank with KKR in the said publication, MIG neither obtains any official information on the kind of agreement and the amount of investment and the risk taken by KKR, nor possesses any knowledge of its commitment to future investments through our Group and/ or its affiliates; such evidence, whenever clarified, might prove significantly favorable as a means of fastest development of MIG to the benefit of all its shareholders.

However, under no circumstances – as falsely stated in the said publication – any issue of MIG and/or its affiliates being acquired through the transfer of rights and liabilities of Piraeus Bank to any shareholder. Such a development, both legally and realistically, would either require the consent of the existing MIG shareholders or a successful acquisition proposition of the company shares in their entirety.