Only Goody’s has the biggest, juiciest burgers!

Goody’s is the largest chain of modern restaurants in Greece and having conquered consumers’ hearts, innovates yet again and presents the all-new Extreme Burgers in five unique, wonderful versions!

The secret of Extreme Burgers is the new large extra-juicy and tender burger, available in beef or chicken, in combination with select ingredients that really take their flavour to another dimension. They are also available in a deluxe edition with dipates potatoes and sauce.

Try our Beef Cheddar burger with red mayo sauce, Beef Bacon burger with bacon and mayo mustard sauce, Chicken Honey-Mustard burger with mustard and honey olive oil sauce, Chicken Cheddar burger with red mayo sauce and cheese and Chick n’ Crisp with fried chicken and a mustard and honey olive oil sauce.

Experience the most extreme flavours at one of our Goody’s restaurants! Order our new satisfying Extreme Burgers today and enjoy them along with your friends or call 18 365, for our new nationwide Goody’s delivery service.

New, large Extreme Burgers by Goody’s.

5 new recipes with beef or chicken for extreme pleasure.