New Kourou Fyllo Dough
from Chrisi Zimi!">
Chrisi Zimi always seeks out authentic tastes, develops new ideas and introduces new products in order to satisfy consumers’ need for delicious flavour and great choice.  That is why we have put all our knowledge and craftsmanship into creating and introducing the unique original Kourou Fyllo pastry for tarts and pies!

This is a different type of short crust pastry made out of select ingredients, kneaded with butter, eggs and milk for unique flavour and taste. In fact, it is this special pastry that has made the Chrisi Zimi’s Kourou mini cheese and sausage pies the favourites of consumers, young and old, over so many years!

Try our Kourou fyllo pastry when making your beloved savoury and sweet tarts, as well as your special short crust pies and mini pies and enjoy wonderful moments filled with the tastiest home-baked creations!