For over half a century, DELTA has produced and marketed on a daily basis 100% safe high-quality products with a deep sense of responsibility towards the Greek consumer.

The Company, conscious of the burden of the trust which consumers have displayed towards DELTA for sixty years, considers that it is its obligation to provide reliable and valid information concerning the cultivation of its animal feed, the diet of its cows and the strict quality control and safety procedures observed.


  • DELTA is the only Company with a subsidiary producing animal feed.  Therefore, the Company has been able for many years to offer animal farmers the animal feed they need, including tested GMO free soy.
  • For those who choose not to use the soy supplied by DELTA’s subsidiary, DELTA carries out constant inspections in order to ensure that the soy used is not genetically modified.
  • Finally, for many years the Company has consistently implemented a Model Control System to animal feed in order to enforce the non-use of genetically modified organisms. The system is certified by SGS, one of the largest independent inspection, testing and certification agencies in the world.


Within this framework, DELTA welcomes and supports the immediate implementation of the new national Agro7 Standard by the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food which sets out common specifications for the production of animal products from animals which are not fed with genetically modified animal feed. In fact, where inspections are concerned, the Company already complies and indeed exceeds the requirements set by this new national standard.

At the same time, DELTA uses its experience and know-how in order to continue to support all actions and initiatives which will strengthen the Greek economy and agriculture. To this end, we are also working towards replacing soy with alternative, domestic farm crops, which opens up many new prospects.

DELTA was, is, and will continue to be proud of its contribution to the growth and development of the Greek dairy farming sector and of its adamant commitment to quality.