In response to a communication by Greenpeace claiming that DELTA products are derived from cows fed with genetically modified animal feed, DELTA wishes to make the following formal statement:

For a number of years DELTA has been applying a Model Control System for animal feed certified by SGS, one of the largest independent inspection, testing and certification agencies in the world. In this manner DELTA ensures that genetically modified animal feed is not used on any of the partner farms.

DELTA and our animal farmers have a common goal: to offer consumers safe high quality products by taking all the necessary and requisite measures. Therefore a prerequisite for collaboration with DELTA is a commitment on the part of the animal farmer that they will not utilize genetically modified animal feed and that they will meet the very high quality standards set by the Company.

Finally, taking this one step further, with consumer safety as our non-negotiable priority, at DELTA we are the sole Greek dairy industry to carry out constant checks at our acclaimed cutting-edge Model Molecular Biology Laboratory.

We practice an integrated quality assurance system that is reliable and transparent and the data it generates is at the disposal of all interested parties.

Our primary concern which governs our every action is to offer our consumers high quality safe products, a commitment we have honoured for many years.