MARFIN INVESTMENT GROUP (“MIG” or “the Company”) announces the signing of a
strategic agreement with Piraeus Bank Group, whereby, among others, Piraeus Bank
will purchase unsold Tranche A bonds of the Convertible Bond Loan (CBL) issue, with
a maturity date on 29 July 2019 and a deadline to place to investors no later than 30
June 2014. Piraeus Bank will invest approximately €250m, purchasing the bonds at
their nominal value.

According to the Terms of the CBL, included in the Prospectus and the Addendum to
the Prospectus approved by the Board of Directors of the Capital Markets
Commission on 30 April 2013 and 19 June 2013 respectively, the conversion price is
set at €0.54 per share. Piraeus Bank has committed to convert bonds worth at least
€90m into common registered shares of the Company.

Upon conversion of bonds into common registered shares of the Company, Piraeus
Bank will become the largest strategic shareholder in MIG, holding at least a 17.7%
stake. Additionally, the transaction will significantly improve MIG’s capital structure.
The intention of both parties is to convert the full amount of bonds purchased by
Piraeus Bank into common registered shares of the Company. The conversion will be
executed either by Piraeus Bank or by means of a placement to institutional and
strategic investors that will be mutually agreed by the parties. Moreover and in the
event of a future sale of MIG shares held by Piraeus Bank, the parties have agreed to
provide pre-emption rights as well as a right of first refusal to MIG’s existing strategic
shareholders, following MIG’s Board of Directors nomination. Finally, the agreement
does not provide for the appointment of Piraeus Bank representative to the
Company’s Board of Directors.

The transaction is subject to approval by the Board of Directors of both Groups as
well as the competent supervisory authorities.

Commenting on the agreement, the Chairman of MIG, Mr Andreas Vgenopoulos,
said: “the agreement with Piraeus Bank marks a new development stage for our
Group, for the benefit of our shareholders and our employees, as well as for the
Greek economy overall. Piraeus Bank’s decision to support MIG’s development plans
honours our Group as well as paves the way for a new and wider collaboration.
Holding a portfolio of leading companies in the Food & Beverages, Food Services,
Passenger shipping, Healthcare and IT sectors, MIG will play a vital role in the
respective sector consolidation and rationalisation as well as the overall
improvement of the country’s entrepreneurial backdrop, focusing on growth and job

Investor Relations: +30 210 350 4046

About MIG: Marfin Investment Group Holdings S.A. is an international investment holding company based in Greece and throughout Southeast Europe (SEE). The Company believes it is uniquely positioned to take advantage of an expanding array of investment opportunities in this region; opportunities in which traditional investment vehicles lacking MIG’s regional focus, scale, expertise, and/or its investment flexibility and financial resources, may find difficult to identify and exploit. MIG in its current structure has been listed on the Athens Stock Exchange since July 2007. Its portfolio includes leading companies in sectors across the SEE region, grouped into Food & Beverages, Healthcare, IT & Telecoms, Transportation & Shipping, Real Estate, Tourism & Leisure. Included amongst its portfolio and subsidiary companies is Vivartia, a leading food and food retail business in SEE; Attica Group, a leading passenger ferry operator in the Eastern Mediterranean; Hygeia Group, a market leader in integrated private hospitals and clinics in SEE, with the leading general hospital facilities and maternity clinics in Greece; SingularLogic, the leading IT operator in Greece; Flight Ambulance International (FAI) a top-5 global fixed-wing medical evacuation company; Sunce (Bluesun) a leading hospitality and leisure group in Croatia; and Robne Kuce Beograd (RKB), owner of the largest commercial real-estate portfolio in Serbia.