Exports of DELTA’s products to Italy and France

Vivartia Group, part of MIG Group, is announcing the signing of an agreement between its subsidiary Delta Foods S.A., the biggest Greek dairy producer, and Granarolo the biggest Italian raw milk and yoghurt producer. The partnership is effective immediately and will commence with the launching and exclusive distribution of authentic Greek yoghurt and cheese products in the Italian and French market, produced in the Delta factories in Greece and distributed by Granarolo’s network.

This highly strategic partnership brings together 2 leading dairy companies, with experience of over 50 years each in their respective countries, and is expected to bring significant benefits to both parties. The knowhow and experience of Delta in the manufacturing of Greek dairy products, in combination with the dairy specialization and deep knowledge of the Italian market by Granarolo, are guarantees for the development of a new strong partnership in the dairy industry.

The Granarolo Group is one of the main players in the Italian agro-food sector, and operates both in the production and collection of raw milk, via its Italian milk producers consortium – Granlatte , as well as in the processing and marketing of dairy products via Granarolo S.p.A  that  owns  8 production sites across  Italy and 2 in France. Granarolo Group has an annual turnover of nearly 1billion euro. A distribution fleet of 800 vehicles delivers each year 700,000 tons of finished products to 50,000 points of sale.  Granarolo is the leading brand in fresh milk sales market in Italy. Following the acquisition of Yomo brand in 2004, Granarolo has become the biggest Italian yoghurt producer, with a market leadership in full fat yoghurt segment. Since the acquisition of LAT BRI in 2011 Granarolo is now the biggest company under Italian ownership, in the  Italian dairy sector.

Beyond Italy, Granarolo has also operations in France, Spain and England.

The CEO of Delta Foods S.A. Mr. Antonios Mavridoglou stated: “We are delighted and proud of this partnership, as it is an acknowledgement of the deep knowledge and experience of Delta in the dairy business, the high quality of its dairy products and its potential for growth outside the Greek borders. This partnership proves once again that our uncompromised quality and continuous innovation, the strategic pillars of our company, are recognized internationally and bring partnerships with leading players in very competitive markets. We strongly believe that soon, the Delta products, trusted by Greek consumers for over 60 years, will be the first choice for millions of Italian consumers as well”.

The CEO of Vivartia Group Mr. Yiannis Artinos added: “We continue to be focused on our internationalization vision that during the last 2 years has strengthened significantly our presence in the world’s markets.  Vivartia Group, true to its commitment to the highest quality standards, with constant innovation and value to consumers, continues to support the Greek economy and market, via its Group of companies, with partnerships that lay the foundation for a strong Greek Group with international presence and operations. Following the partnership with Exeed, we now add the very important partnership with Granarolo, the leading Italian company in the Dairy Sector. We are particularly pleased and excited about this partnership, not only because it brings together two companies committed in bringing to their consumers products with the highest quality standards, but because it also opens the way for the presence of our products in larger markets, for more partnerships and for greater growth”.

“Being the biggest Italian raw milk and yogurt producer, we pursue our growth strategy through partnerships with strong players in order to create value. We are very pleased with the signing of this partnership with Delta Foods S.A., as we have found in Delta a reliable partner for the long term, with deep knowledge in the development of manufacturing top quality traditional Greek dairy products, and leader in the Greek dairy sector” said Gianpietro Corbari, Granarolo’s Chief Executive Officer. He continued “Our group is already the leader in the yogurt segment in Italy with brands that are important to Italian families, such as YOMO and GRANAROLO. With this agreement, we will consolidate our presence in the market with a new, high quality product like Delta that responds to the needs of other types of consumer, bringing added value to the yogurt segment.»