Following the interlocutory injunction of the Athens Court of First Instance which ruled in DELTA’s favour so that there are no references to DELTA and its products in GREENPEACE’s Consumer Guide to GMOs, Vivartia would like to make the following statement:

  • Guided by its respect towards consumers and the company’s commitment to provide consumers with comprehensive and objective information, we took the responsible and lawful path in order to protect the reputation of our Company, our employees, Greek animal farmers and producers as well as everyone linked directly or indirectly to our Company.
  • We are in full compliance with the law. From the outset we have supplied the competent administrative and inspection bodies, as well as Greenpeace, with all certification proving that DELTA products are GMO free. Indeed, this can also be confirmed by Greenpeace’s detailed commentary accompanying its initial list. It is also our intention to label our packages accordingly provided that the legal framework so permits.
  • GREENPEACE should adopt more objective ways of classification and presentation of its lists. We do not want our products to be used to serve the interests of others. Our main priority is for our actions to comply with Greek legislation.
  • At DELTA, we are adamant about consumers’ health and safety being a top priority. We always aim to provide top quality products and as a result we have gained the trust of consumers who recognise our constant and unfailing efforts in this direction.