«Italian wind blew» on Friday, November 6, at the pedestrian of Valaoritou street, as La Pasteria welcomes plenty of friends, customers and passers-by in a big party!

On the occasion of the transfer of the first La Pasteria store from Tsakalof street, which was first opened in 1995, to a new unique space, at 15 Valaoritou Street, the beloved Italian Trattoria, welcomed well-known personalities, actors, radio producers, food bloggers and dear friends, in a long rhythmic party, which roused the area and boosted the mood.

The party is accompanied by the special flavors of La Pasteria and the non-stop music by the famous radio producers of En Lefko, Niko Drogosis and Spyros Pagiatakis. Those who were present there had the opportunity to discover how the tools of the Italian cuisine, can get voice and become music in the hands of the most amazing guys, the  Maestri Di Pasta of La Pasteria!


The new La Pasteria store is on 15 Valaoritou Street and waits to be discovered by you!