With particular interest, 45 University students across the country, have visited the DELTA factory in Agios Stefanos and have attended a daily tour program in the production food of high quality.


DELTA S.A. in response to the need of young people to learn about the labor market, as well as the functions of a Greek and modern production company, has organized a full day with the subject «DELTA: a SMART product is born», welcoming students to its facilities. The students have attended, all stages of the creation of a new product, from the conception of the idea to the placement in a store rack. The day included presentations by the company executives, tasting of product, a visit to the factory and the «pilot», where new products are developed, a tour in the exhibition on the history of DELTA and a meeting with the CEO, Mr. A. Mavridoglou.


The participant students showed keen interest, while they noted in particular the fact that a Greek company has set high standards in innovation and quality of its products, through specific and advanced techniques of protection of quality, such as a laboratory of molecular biology.


The participant students had been selected by the team of Prof. Iordanis Ladopoulos, within the framework of the initiative «Panorama of Entrepreneurship and Career».


It is also worth noting that the companies of the Vivartia group participate in the program “Vivartia Talent Wanted“, in their attempt to contribute to the creation of new and capable executives with working experience. Therefore, they offer to the students the opportunity to work for short periods in various departments of the companies of the group. In this way, young people acquire knowledge of the working environment and a valuable experience for whatever they choose to do themselves in the future, but they also are the company’s first choice for new recruitments.