The high performance Golden Award in the category “Innovation – New technology” won DELTA FOODS S.A., in the context of the awards ‘ Self-service Excellence Awards 2014 “, which reward the biggest companies that remain so committed to innovation and development.

In the ceremony held in the presence of significant personalities of the business world, but also the scientific community, DELTA FOODS S.A. stood out among the strongest domestic food industry players.

DELTA FOOD S.A. excelled for the participation submitted with title “Introduction of DNA technology in the quality control of Protected designation of origin cheese products ‘, which relates to the use of DNA analysis technology in the quality control of DELTA’s cheese production unit, in Vigla Elassona.

DELTA FOODS S.A., a pioneer from the beginning of its operation, was the first Greek food company that created molecular biology laboratory. The use of DNA technology resulted in the upgrading of the quality and the safety of products, increase of consumer’s trust, contributing to research and science through collaborations with Universities and official organizations, while at the same time contributed to the reduction of  the environmental  burden.

DELTA FOODS S.A. is recognized and acknowledged in this category for the second year, a fact that confirms the emphasis given by the company in the areas of quality and innovation. For over 60 years, DELTA’S people work with fondness, appetite, consistency and accountability in order to offer to the consumers, products of high nutritional value, excellent quality and safety. To achieve this, the company invests in specialized scientific manpower but also in cutting-edge technology, aiming at the optimal satisfaction of the needs of consumers, who trust the company all these years.

The awards are organized by the magazine “Self-service” by Boussias Communications with the scientific support of the E-Business Research Center (ELTRUN) of the University of Athens, while they are performed under the auspices of the Ministry of Development and Competitiveness.