DELTA’s VIBE by Life is the gold sponsor of this year’s SKYRUNNER GREECE SERIES, in the framework of DELTA’s strategy to support initiatives that promote sport and highlight its values. It is a series of mountain running races organised all around Greece throughout the year, on paths and forest roads, taking place at altitudes above 1,500m.

The award-winning DELTA VIBE series won Best Sports or Fitness Drink at the 13th World Beverage Innovation Awards, as the only 100% natural energy drink with fruit juice, rich in carbohydrates, natural caffeine, guarana and vitamins. The series is produced in Greece and is available in 3 delicious flavours: Raspberry – Goji Berry, Kiwi – Starfruit and Tropical Fruits. The VIBE energy drink strengthens the athletes’ efforts and stimulates their bodies, helping them make it to the finish line.

DELTA’s VIBE by Life chose to support the Skyrunner races, one of the most rapidly developing mountain racing events in the world. This year’s Greek races, starting on 25 March and ending on 8 October, will involve more than 6,000 Greek and foreign runners in 8 races, of varying distances and technical difficulties from 5 to 80 km. It is expected that some of the best athletes will participate once again in the mountain races this year, while strengthening the local societies of the regions where the races are taking place, such as Taygetos, Parnassus, Mountainous Dorida, Metsovo, Olympus, Zagori, Oiti and Parnitha is of paramount importance.

For more information on this year’s SKYRUNNER GREECE SERIES, please contact the organiser’s website: