The Goody’s Burger House Mediterranean treats invite once again all Mediterranean lovers to a journey in fasting flavours. Delicious proposals, based on seafood and fresh vegetables, cater to all preferences and are an ideal choice for the fasting period!

This year’s Goody’s Burger House Mediterranean treats present two new proposals in the burgers category based on a new vegetable patty that stands out thanks to its crisp coating with nachos and spices and its filling, which contains whole pieces of vegetables. The new patties are the basis for the Vegetable Burger with tomato, lettuce and fasting mayo sauce and Mexican Vegetable Burger with nachos, caramelized onions with jalapeño peppers and pineapple, lettuce and fasting mayo sauce.

For yet another year, the series includes classic fasting recipes such as Burger with shrimp patty, Burger with squid, Mediterranean meals with shrimp or squid, Club Sandwich with grilled vegetables, Cretan Salad and Caesar’s salad with shrimp.

Look for Goody’s Burger House Mediterranean treats at your nearest store, but also at home or office via the Delivery service by calling 18365, online at or through the goody’s app!

For yet another year, tradition is evolving with Goody’s Burger House Mediterranean treats, offering the tastiest fasting proposals!