DELTA’s VIBE by Life, as part of the SKYRUNNER GREECE SERRIES 2018 GOLD SPONSORSHIP, starred in the Taygetos Challenge , the first race to open the tournament.

The award-winning DELTA VIBE by Life series won Best Sports or Fitness Drink at the 13th World Beverage Innovation Awards, as the only 100% natural energy drink with fruit juice, rich in carbohydrates, natural caffeine, guarana and vitamins. The series is produced in Greece and is available in 3 delicious flavours: Raspberry – Goji Berry, Kiwi – Starfruit and Tropical Fruits.

Taygetos Challenge 2018 was a great success, with runners exceeding 600, while the local community embraced this event and applauded all the participants!

DELTA supports initiatives that promote sport and highlight its values, which is why it stood by the runners of the SKYRUNNER GREECE SERIES.  In this context, VIBE by LIFE set its new appointment with the runners for the following tournament races: Parnassus Path 22-23 April, Tihio Race 12-13 May, Ursa Trail 28 May, Olympus Marathon 24 June, Zagori Mountain Running 24 June, Oiti Hercules Marathon 17 September and AlpamayoPRO Trail Race 8 October 2018.

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