The inauguration ceremony for Barba Stathis’ new, state-of-the-art automated storage and retrieval system took place on Monday, May 30, 2022, at the company’s headquarters in Thessaloniki.

In the context of the Rural Development Program (RDP) and, specifically, concerning the sub-measure
4.2 / Article 4.2.1 “Manufacturing, trading and/or development of an end product, annexed to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) (agricultural product)”, the construction of the innovative, robotic refrigeration chamber was recently completed. It was inaugurated by the Minister of Rural Development & Food, Mr. G. Georgantas, in the presence of political representatives and institutional bodies of Northern Greece. During the inauguration, guests were given the opportunity to tour the facility and find out more about the operation of this important infrastructure project.

Barba Stathis, a company that has long been a pioneer in the food sector and that operates based on the principles of sustainable development and continuous modernization, has innovated once again with this project. The new chamber is ranked among the largest in Southeastern Europe and is the largest of its kind in Greece. With a capacity of 10,500 pallets and environmentally friendly features, this deep freeze chamber contributes to a significant reduction in the company’s environmental footprint as it requires 65–70% less energy than conventional chambers and is fitted with photovoltaic panels on its roof that provide 40% of the annual energy required for its operation. Finally, the chamber significantly improves the working conditions for the company’s employees.

The CEO of Barba Stathis, Mr. Nikitas Pothoulakis said, “This investment is indicative of our broader business vision and the realization of such an important infrastructure project was a challenge that we completed successfully, amid a pandemic. Our continuous evolution gives us deep satisfaction and by remaining faithful to our vision and the principles of sustainable development, we are committed to continuing to grow through innovation and with respect for the environment, our people, and society. We are committed to our mission to actively support the primary sector and the Greek economy, and to offer Greek consumers the highest quality and safest produce the fertile Greek land to offer, as we have been doing for half a century now.”

On his part, the Minister of Rural Development and Food, Mr. George Georgantas noted that “The investment of the Barba Stathis company in the innovative construction project of the automated storage and retrieval system solidifies the strength of the company and of Greek agricultural products. 

This strength is also based on the quality of the company’s products, 96% of which are sourced from Greek producers. As Minister of Rural Development and Food, I hope that the company’s upward trend will continue as it offers a stable income to more than 1,000 Greek producers through contract farming, while at the same time, the company provides Greek products to millions of consumers across the globe. The state must support, on an institutional level, business activities that promote our country internationally and this is a policy that has been successfully implemented by the government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, leading to the support of, essentially, hundreds of thousands of jobs in the private sector. Manufacturing and production in the agri-food sector are key drivers of growth and extroversion for the Greek economy, especially in a period of geopolitical unrest and an energy crisis that is further marked by intense characteristics of recession. I wish the Barba Stathis company every success in its business endeavors and I hope that it will soon be able to implement its plans in terms of using only organic products across the full range of its production.”

The company was also honored to welcome representatives of institutional authorities from the wider region to the inauguration ceremony, specifically: Konstantinos Gioutikas, Deputy Regional Head of Development & Environment of the Central Region of Macedonia; Theodoros Karaoglou, Member of the Parliament N.D. 2nd Region of Thessaloniki; Vassilis Kokkalis, former Deputy Minister of Rural Development and SYRIZA MP of the Larissa Prefecture; Christianna Kalogirou G.S. Min. Of Rural Development; Konstantinos Sionidis, Mayor of the Municipality of Paionia; George Doulkeridis Deputy Mayor of the Evropos Municipal Community; Petros Ariantzis President of the Toumba Community.

Trusted by Greek consumers as their first choice for over half a century now, Barba Stathis continues to grow and evolve its mission, always with a focus on responsible action and in active support of the Greek economy and agricultural production.