In every region in Greece there is a crustless pie, which is why Chrysi Zymi, recognising the value of the Greek tradition, created Batzina for you. An authentic, crustless pie that you can find in every corner of Greece with its special local name.

Always made with the same traditional recipe, Chrysi Zymi’s Batzina is a rich blend of fluffy dough with extra virgin olive oil and fine ingredients of the Greek diet: strained yoghurt, feta cheese and free-range eggs. In two delicious flavours, with cheese & courgettes and with cheese & spinach, Batzina showcases the value of authentic home-made delights!

Get to know Batzina through the new, impressive communication campaign that travels all over Greece and has already aired on TV, radio, social media as well as in your favourite magazines, websites and food blogs.

Enjoy it today: pop it in the oven and let your home be filled with wonderful aromas!