BARBA STATHIS S.A., leading company in the market of frozen vegetables and dough in our country, received for the second consecutive year the distinction of business excellence “Diamonds of Greek Economy”.

Barba Stathis S.A. stands by the Greek family and supports the Greek economy, the society as well as the Greek farmers, bringing  to our tables vegetables, as fresh as they were at the time they were harvested. At the same time, it develops innovative products of high quality and nutritional value in order to promote a healthy diet in the everyday life of Greeks. The company harnesses the potential of Greek land and implements a system of integrated agricultural management within the framework of contract farming, supporting Greek farmers in practice. It collaborates with more than 1,300 Greek farmers, a number in constant increase, and manages over 30,000,000 sq. m. of cultivated land. It is also the most important factor in the market of frozen dough products with the brand CHRYSI ZYMI.

With the Barba Stathis and Chrysi Zymi products, the company has developed a significant and growing export activity, from America to Australia, while being an evangelist for the benefits of the Greek diet abroad.

Mr. Antonis Mavridoglou, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of BARBA STATHIS SA, stated: “BARBA STATHIS is a brilliant example of how a leading Greek company in its sector can contribute to the support and growth of the Greek economy.”

The DIAMONDS of GREEK ECONOMY Business Excellency Distinctions are awarded every year by NEW TIMES PUBLISHING.