An innovative catering concept has recently landed on the departures’ area at Chania Airport.

Megusto Italiano, the new venture of the Goody’s-Everest Group of Vivartia, is a purely Italian concept with an emphasis on snacking and coffee. In the new concept, the chefs of the Group used authentic ingredients from various parts of Italy and combined them to create interesting recipes and offer visitors an authentic Italian food and coffee experience.

Besides the authentic Italian pizza, one of the star products of the new concept is the focaccia, in mainstream but also more special recipes. The food menu is complemented by salads and fancy sandwiches based on Italian breads such as panini and ciabatta.

The cafeteria is flanked by many delicacies such as the favourite bomboloni, traditional Italian stuffed doughnuts, as well as flavours such as classic cornets and Sicilian cannoli. Finally, a prominent place in the new concept is occupied by the authentic Italian gelato in classic but also more special flavours.

Being the most important partner of Fraport in the development and management of restaurant points, the Goody’s-Everest Group is actively involved in the highly demanding task of modernising regional airports. In this context, besides the – sometimes radical – renovation of the existing Everest and Flocafe Espresso Room points, it also develops new concepts specifically designed for airports to meet the needs of both domestic and foreign passengers. The new concept “Megusto Italiano” has already become the favourite of visitors to Chania airport, and it is expected to travel soon to other airports.

The Deputy Managing Director of the Goody’s-Everest Group, Mr. Andreas Tsoukalis said about this new venture: “The ever-changing needs of consumers, and especially of travellers, require constant flexibility and reformation of existing models. The Goody’s-Everest Group, with its experience and acquired know-how in the catering industry, improves and evolves its presence through the creation of new, innovative proposals that meet the demands of the modern consumer”.