DELTA’s and BARBA STATHIS’ CEO Mr. Antonis Mavridoglou was awarded the distinction “EXCEPTIONAL MANAGER 2016” for his contribution to the Development of the Industry in the Sector of Dairy and Frozen Foods, as part of the 16th Marketing and Sales Conference.

Mr. Mavridoglou, while thanking for the distinction, stated that both companies, subsidiaries of Vivartia, members of the MIG Group, contribute significantly and support the Greek economy and the sustainable development of the primary sector, the livestock farming, as well as the agricultural production in our country. He stressed the strategic priority and importance given by the two companies for over half a century to innovation and to the quality of the products they produce, using the most stringent procedures and controls. At the same time, he thanked all his associates for their contribution in keeping the companies DELTA and BARBA STATHIS steadily first among consumers’ preferences, with favorite brands trusted by the households.

The honorary plaque was handed over to Mr. Ant. Mavridoglou by Ms. Dora Bakoyannis, MP of the Nea Dimokratia party.

This was followed by the award ceremony for the most successful launching of products for 2016 (Best Launching), in which DELTA was distinguished for the Milko Strawberry in the “Chocolate Milk” category and for the Chilled Life Melon–Banana–Grape in the “Juice” category, and BARBA STATHIS for its new whole wheat “Chrysi Zymi” products, the Peasant’s Whole Wheat Pie Crust & the Homemade Cheese Pie with Whole Wheat Pie Crust and Yogurt.

The Marketing and Sales Conference is organized by The Business Review business magazine.