Following a post in several websites regarding the 1lt DELTA Fresh milk 3.5% fat (carton/blue color) and the recommendation of the Authorities, DELTA FOOD S.A. is proceeding with a pre-emptive temporary withdrawal of the said product in the Attica prefecture.

This action afflicts a Greek company, which employs more than 1.200 employees, collaborates daily with 1.400 Greek cattle farmers and for over 60 years, has supported the Greek family, economy and the rural areas. Beside the damage that occurs to the company, this action turns against both the dairy farmers and the collaborating parties (distribution network, retail outlets, and suppliers) and eventually turns directly against Greek society itself.

The safety as well as the quality of our products, are non-negotiable values for us, which we will continue to support and serve at all costs.

The company from the beginning is in direct cooperation with the Authorities so as to clarify the case and to fully inform consumers.

For further information, consumers may phone 800 11 99 800