Country style whole wheat pie crust and

Homemade cheese pie with whole wheat pie crust and yogurt

Chrysi Zymi  offers a new taste proposition of high nutritional value, responding to the modern needs of consumers.

WHOLE WHEAT products, kneaded with extra virgin olive oil and flour from the whole wheat fruit, constitute a source of fibers which contributes to the proper functioning of our body.

The Whole grain coutnry style pastry from Chrysi Zymi is soft and elastic, like the homemade one. It combines the rich whole wheat flavor with the original thick texture of the peasant’s pie crust for such delicious creations that people will ask you for the recipe!

For those who are pioneers and love innovation, the new Whomemade whole grain cheese pie with Yogurt filling.

from Xrisi Zimi is here. The country style whole wheat pie crust is mixed with mizithra cheese and feta for the first time in a unique stuffing with fine yogurt!

The new WHOLE WHEAT products from Chrysi Zymi combine homely delight and taste with the multiple whole wheat and yogurt beneficial properties for our body!

The full taste of pie. All the benefits of Whole Wheat.