DELTA, as an official sponsor of the 34th Authentic Marathon, offered 70,000 Vitaline cereal bars to the runners in order for them to maintain their wellness and their endurance until the finish line in the most enjoyable way!

For years now, DELTA, with its products, is present in every Greek household, from end to end of this country, and could not be absent from this great sporting event, the Athens Marathon.

DELTA’s employees Sports Team, consisting of 86 participants and professing the values of proper nutrition and sports, ran the Marathon as well as the 10km and 5km routes.  The employees ran for a good cause, since, for the 994 kilometers covered in total, DELTA will respectively offer 1,000 liters of fresh milk to the children of organizations supported by the “Together for Children” Association. Furthermore, the children from these particular organizations ran together with the company’s employees, experiencing the celebration of a sporting event and the values that it represents.