he 2016 3×3 MILKO Tournament was successfully completed in mid-November, having offered the ultimate basketball experience to children and young people! With nearly 10,000 children’s participations, this marvelous basketball festival, organized by the Hellenic Basketball Federation in cooperation with Milko, traveled to 30 regions in Greece, from small villages to crowded parts of the capital, as part of MILKO’s 30 years presence in the Greek market. Every weekend, hundreds of children played basketball with their friends, were entertained and won many gifts from MILKO.

The 3×3 MILKO Tournament has as main objective to motivate children to come into contact with basketball, to play and to adopt a more active lifestyle. MILKO and sports go hand in hand because MILKO by DELTA gives energy to the body, as it contains proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, and all this in the most enjoyable way.

MILKO’s message “BELIEVE IT” encourages young people to follow their dream with their chin up and is perfectly embodied through sports and its ideals. As part of the 3×3 MILKO Tournament, there were 30 big winners who won sportswear gift vouchers, participations to top Basketball Camps in Greece and evaluations by the distinguished coach Mr. Konstantinos Missas, a technical advisor for the men’s national teams and a professor at the FIBA EUROPE Coach Section (FECC), in order to improve their performance in the game (F.E.C.C.).

MILKO Chin Up. #pistepseto


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