EVEREST, a subsidiary of Vivartia, member of the MIG Group, participates in the “Brunch at School” program of the Ministry of Labour, Social Insurance and Social Solidarity and of the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs and offers the traditional Thessaloniki bagel to approximately 11,500 students in 68 schools in the region of Attica. The “Brunch at School” program involves the free distribution of a snack for primary school and kindergarten students and intends to address and serve the food needs of vulnerable groups of the population, such as students.

Mr. Thanassis Papanikolaou, Goody’s-Everest and MIG’s Group CEO, stated: “With full awareness of the needs of the Greek society, we implement Corporate Responsibility programs covering a wide range of actions. Sensitively and responsibly we offer our aid for the relief of vulnerable groups and in order to improve the daily life of our fellowmen, giving priority to children.”

Everest, through the “Brunch at School” initiative, actively supports a significant part of the school community. Contribution to society and especially to children constitutes a structural element of the company’s philosophy and its primary concern.