Barba Stathis has been awarded with the Golden Prize, on the category of Long-term Investment Nationwide, of the Responsible Business Awards 2015, for the contract farming program that implements.

Contract Farming, as a model for long-term investment in the Greek economy, has been the natural evolution of the principles advocated by Barba Stathis. Utilizing the experience and systematic knowledge of 45 years of a leading presence in the Greek market, the high level of the manpower and the possibilities of the Greek land and having as a priority the finest quality and optimal safety of its products, the leading Greek company daily invests to the strengthening of its relationship with the Greek farmer.

The contract with the producer, is the producer’s agreement to cultivate products under fully controlled conditions by Barba Stathis, respecting and following the principles and values of the company, for the production of agricultural products of high standards with respect to the consumers and their health, the environment and the society.

Through the consolidation and development of the system of contract farming, Barba Stathis is committed to a long-term investment in Greek farmers and the Greek Land, applying the principles of integrated Agricultural Management, i.e. documented steps from sowing to harvesting.

With the occasion of the award, the CEO of Barba Stathis SA, Mr. Antonis Mavridoglou, said: “This honor is the recognition and rewarding of our strategy and investment initiative. At Barba Stathis, the largest company of Contract Farming in Greece, we apply a system of integrated agricultural management that creates ties with the Greek producers and the Greek land. With over 30,000 acres of the total cultivation and more than 1,300 associate Greek farmers-producers who are constantly getting more, we primarily aim to provide to the Greek consumers products that stand out for their freshness, quality and high nutritional value».


About the Company BARBA STATHIS:


Barba Stathis S.A., has its headquarters in Thessaloniki and holds a leading position in the Greek market, with the products of Barba Stathis and Golden Dough (“CHRYSSI ZYMI”). Barba Stathis is a pioneer in the Contract Farming system and the implementation of integrated rural management, supporting Greek farmers. The products of Barba Stathis are distinguished for their freshness, high quality and high nutritional value. Barba Stathis S.A. is a subsidiary of Vivartia, a member of Marfin Investment Group.