Piraeus Bank and DELTA announce their association in the framework of the Contract Farming Programme of the Bank, aiming at the direct and active support and development of dairy cattle breeding.

The financial proposal of the Contract Farming Program in the field of milk is basically referred to the rationalization and financial support of the production process, covering the entire chain, from the farmer to the processing and sale of products of the company.

Through the Contract Farming Program of Piraeus Bank, the stock-breeders have at their disposal the necessary liquidity with highly competitive conditions when they need it, and a guaranteed payment by DELTA from the production that has agreed to deliver to the company, a fact that strengthens the company’s care towards its stock-breeders associates.

The program covers the entire production, the logistics and manufacturing chain of the farm product aiming at supporting the beneficial cooperation between the farmers and the Company.

The program includes dairy farmers from around the DELTA’S network, which constitutes the most extensive and wide network of milk collection in Greece. Overall, DELTA has cooperated, during the preceding year, with approximately 1,800 selected milk producers, from Thrace to the Peloponnese and has collected more than 160,000 tons of Greek cow milk. This quantity corresponds to more than 1/4 of the total Greek production, which classifies it in the first place among the milk production companies and companies of dairy products operating in the country.

Piraeus Bank’s association with DELTA concerning the Contract Farming Programs is a major cooperation under in the framework of the program, which certifies the firm will of the Bank to support and encourage the healthy productive effort as well as the initiatives with imprint in terms of social empowerment and environmental protection.

In addition, this cooperation empowers all producers aiming at the production of top quality Greek products that will conquer consumers in the national and international market. 


About the DELTA Company:


DELTA was founded in 1952 and today is a leader in the dairy industry, as well as in all of the categories involved. Among the products produced by the company, milk, yogurt, dairy products, fruit juices, iced tea, etc. are also included.  The objective of the company, for more than 60 years, is responding on a daily basis to the nutritional needs of Greek consumers, offering innovative products of excellent quality and high nutritional value. At the same time, the company implements programs that contribute to the sustainable development and support of the society. DELTA is a subsidiary of Vivartia, a member of the Marfin Investment Group