everest group of companies

The Everest group including the central administration, the selling points and the production units applies and has been certified by international Quality Management and Food Safety Systems, according to the relevant international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 by an internationally recognized and accredited certification body TUV HELLAS.
The company has been certified since 2004 and was the first in the catering sector to receive certification for its Quality Management and Food Safety Systems. The scope of the systems is the design, organization and provision of fast food services (production, preparation and sale of snacks, sandwiches, coffees, pies, sweets, ice creams, fruit juices, etc.) and includes both the central administration and selling points. The certification of Quality Management and Food Safety Systems is a strong competitive advantage for food companies and a springboard to expand their business activities and enhancing their outlook.

ISO 9001 – Quality Management System
The ISO 9001 quality management system of the Everest group defines, demonstrates and proves the company’s ability to provide high quality products and services according to clearly defined, standard  specifications, constantly adapted to the demands of consumers, aiming at their complete satisfaction.

The documentation of the  quality system has been designed and organised in such a manner so as to provide the company with a system of procedures that ensures a common approach to management. The system ensures that work applications are consistent and are improved, and in turn lead to products and services that satisfy customers’ needs. Training the staff and verification of compliance and implementation of procedures provide the framework for an effective quality system.

ISO 22000 (HACCP) – Food Safety Management System.
The Food Safety Management System applied by the company constitutes an integrated Preventive System for the production of safe foods.

It is proof of the design and installation of a documented food safety system (hazard analysis and critical control points), so as to safeguard consumer health. It ensures compliance with all hygiene regulations and the correct handling of products during their procurement, delivery, storage, preparation and distribution.

At the Everest Group outlets, daily controls take place at every critical control point (CCP) and at all stages, from delivery to distribution, by an appropriately trained staff, 3 times a day, thus ensuring high quality, safety and hygiene standards. In addition, internal controls and inspections are conducted at the selling points at a specified frequency, whilst a team of experienced, specialized scientists with important know-how in Food Safety Management System  carry out food safety controls in order to confirm both the implementation and effectiveness of the HACCP system, by conducting chemical and microbiological analyses and sampling.

Industrial Operations Sector / Olympic Catering Production Plant
Olympic Catering applies Quality Management, Food Safety and Environmental Management Systems and it has been certified according to the relevant international standards ISO 9001, ISO 22000, IFS and ISO 14000. Many laboratory analyses and controls are carried out on a daily basis in every stage of the production process, from the raw materials’ receipt to the finished products’ distribution. Well-trained employees handle the foodstuffs and supervise the procedures, ensuring top-level quality, safety and hygiene. The entire staff is constantly trained in quality procedures and in the best industrial practices of foodstuff hygiene and safety (GMP & GHP).

A team of experienced, specialized scientists with important know-how in Food Quality and Safety Management Systems ensures the application and efficiency of the procedures in all the phases of our activities and guarantees an excellent service level always.