The new DELTA Advance Goat milk is here to join the DELTA Advance family, offering young children (1-3 years) the particular nutritional benefits of goat’s milk (fats and proteins), in order to help them meet their increased dietary needs as part of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

DELTA Advance Goat milk is produced from high quality goat’s milk, enriched with iron, vitamins & trace elements. In addition, goat’s milk is approved by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) and does not contain any added sugars, only milk’s natural sugar (lactose).

DELTA Advance products have for many years won the trust of moms as well as the recommendation of pediatricians.

DELTA, a pioneer and leader in the refrigerated children’s milk market, offers innovative products of high nutritional value and with alternatives to the modern Greek family for the proper physical and mental development of children. With particular emphasis on product quality and safety, DELTA has created the Advance “Child Nutrition System” which, to this day, consists of dairy products specially designed and appropriately enriched to meet the needs of children from 6 months (for yogurt products) & from 12 months+ of age (for the Advance enriched milk).

DELTA Advance, a foundation of life