FLOCAFE Espresso Room, the longest-ever coffee chain in Greece since 1994, adds another store to their network and invites us to witness the ultimate coffee experience in the most atmospheric spot of the northern suburbs! The new store is housed in one of the most historic protected buildings in Athens, the Tower of Kifissia, where the particular architecture of the edifice “marries” with the most abstract elements of the brand, creating a very special result.

The opening event on Tuesday 27/6 marked the opening of the new store, which featured swing & jazz sounds from the beloved Penny Baltatzi, while guests had the opportunity to taste signature cocktails based on espresso, fine delicacies arranged by the FLOCAFE espresso Room chefs especially for that day, share their experience and wishes for the new store at the Flocafe panel and enjoy a sweet summer evening at their favorite haunt.

The Kifissia store is one of the most important spots of the chain, counting many loyal daily visitors, while aiming to introduce even more to the absolute coffee experience!

In an area flooded with the aroma of freshly ground coffee, specialized baristas guide us through the different varieties and coffee preparation processes according to the WBC (World Barista Championship) standards, through 3 blends: The America Latina Selection 100% Arabica from 100% Arabica granules from Brazil and Colombia, balanced in intensity, with a rich aroma and hints of cocoa and nuts, the African Earth from African Arabica and Robusta varieties and the Honduras Premium, a blend with highly delicate characteristics, cultivated in limited quantities, which constitutes a more sophisticated choice for any time of day.

In addition, guests have the opportunity to enjoy the signature brunch of FLOCAFE Espresso Room.