This year’s Children’s Race – 1,000 meters for primary school students of the 12th International Marathon “Alexander the Great” in Thessaloniki was an ultimate success.

Barba Stathis, a proud sponsor of this great celebration of sports and of the city, proved once again that sports and a healthy diet go hand in hand.

The streets were flooded by the 2,000 young runners, dressed in the colours of Barba Stathis, who after the 1,000 m race received their medals, their participation certificates and the gift bags from Barba Stathis! The gift bag contained a special present for each child, the book “Vegetables: Nature’s Treasure” by Barba Stathis. It is a tale of games and stories about the nutritional value of vegetables, specially designed for primary school children, which allows them to learn and become familiar with the values of nutrition and indulgence in the consumption of vegetables.

The company’s ongoing effort to promote the values of proper nutrition and sports is supported by its own staff, who participated in the 5 and 10 km races of the Marathon, thus contributing to the corporate vision and highlighting its values. Besides, participation is all that matters!

For the past 50 years, Barba Stathis stands by the Greek family and supports Greek economy, society and the Greek farmers, at any opportunity. In this context, it will continue to support and invest in children, tomorrow’s runners of the marathon and of our society.

Barba Stathis. It’s good for us!