The “Retail Business Awards”, an institution awarding people involved in the retail sector, honored this year Mr. Thanasis Papanikolaou, MIG’s and Goody’s-everest CEO for his contribution to the retail trade as head of Vivartia’s Catering Division and as Chairman of the Association of Branded Catering Chains (SEPOA). Moreover, Mr. Papanikolaou received an honorary award for the completion of 40 years since the establishment of Goody’s, the largest catering chain in the Greek market.

Mr. Papanikolaou thanked the Organizing Committee of the “Retail Business Awards” for the honorary distinction, as well as all of his colleagues at the companies in which he worked for over 30 years. He mentioned the foundation and the role of the Association of Branded Catering Chains (SEPOA), which since its foundation in 2011, gave voice to its Members, capable of being heard from the Greek State, rendering it an example of entrepreneurial progress and sincere cooperation. “The spirit of cooperation is a necessary and sufficient condition to move to the path of growth. The Greek State is to understand the need to lift all forms of bureaucracy, an obstacle to the development of entrepreneurship. Development shall address the problem of high unemployment and the shrinking of national income”, noted Mr. Papanikolaou, highlighting once again the urgent need to reduce the VAT on food and catering at 13%, as an incentive for legitimacy. “The catering companies with a presence of more than 20 years in the Greek market can be counted on the fingers of one hand,” he commented emphatically.

Regarding the completion of 40 years of Goody’s presence in the Greek market, Mr. Papanikolaou thanked the company’s founder Mr. Achilleas Folias, as well as his colleagues for their contributions and stated that Goody’s, the largest Greek company in the catering sector, will remain a pioneer and will continue to substantially contribute to the Greek economy. He also undertook to expand Goody’s activities, which is already present in 7 countries in major markets abroad.

Finally, MIG’s CEO stated that: “experience and knowledge, a result of our journey in the market, gives us the necessary guarantees in order to actively contribute to the overthrow of the current unfavorable climate. Greece is endowed with gifted minds and is obliged to use them to its advantage. I am hopeful that with a clear strategic focus and vision, with entrepreneurial initiatives and innovative ideas, we will overcome the existing hurdles and put the market back on track. The debate between the state and enterprises should be constant and constructive if we want to create a future with perspective and continuity. And this is our duty to the future generations.”

The “Retail Business Awards” are organized by DIRECTION and RETAILBUSINESS magazine.