t is with deep sorrow that at the company Everfood S.A., managing company of the Everest branch in Victoria Square, we experience the loss of a colleague following an explosion, this morning, during the operations of a refrigeration technicians crew.

The tragic victim Vasiliki Parastatidou worked fifteen years for the company and will always remain in the memory of us all as an exemplary employee, wife and mother.

The administration of the company, all personnel and colleagues are shocked as they share the pain of her beloved ones and pledge their full support to her family.

Moreover, the company declares that it will offer full support to the injured and wishes everyone a full recovery as soon as possible.

The administration of the company, since the very first moment of this tragic incident, has offered the fire department and the other services and authorities all the necessary assistance and declares that it will contribute in every possible way in order to fully clarify the causes of this tragic incident.