On the occasion of World Food Day and as part of Corporate Social Responsibility actions, Barba Stathis, a subsidiary of Vivartia and member of the MIG Group, in collaboration with the “Together for Children” Association, implemented for yet another year a program in order to meet the food needs of children supported by the union.

For this action, Barba Stathis created a video that highlights the nutritional benefits of vegetables and the beneficial properties of their consumption. The video was uploaded on Youtube as well as on Barba Stathis’ Facebook page, encouraging users to spread the word about good nutrition.

As part of this action, Barba Stathis offers 10,000 kg of vegetables for the daily food needs of children supported by the “Together for Children” Association.

Our main concern at Barba Stathis is to support our fellowmen, giving priority to children and families, contributing in practice to the coverage of nutritional needs and to the support of Greek families.

You can watch the video at the following link: https://youtu.be/lJNcqFjHYM8