Barba Stathis, pioneer and leader in the frozen vegetables and frozen dough category (with the Chrysi Zymi products), was distinguished at the Self Service Excellence Awards 2016.

The company Barba Stathis, a subsidiary of Vivartia, member of the MIG group, was distinguished for its creativity and its integrated plan of communication actions for the launch of the Chrysi Zymi croissants, a new and unique product. The people at Barba Stathis were rewarded for their commitment to innovation and their faith in the power of communication. The company, over the years, has offered to the Greek households, products of exceptional quality and of high nutritional value, which the consumers are rewarding by selecting them on a daily basis.

With the message “Think Croissant, Think Chrysi Zymi”, the croissants are in the oven and in the homes of Greek families in order to make every moment of the day enjoyable.

Chrysi Zimi guarantees the success of each of their creation.


..Γιατί με την Χρυσή Ζύμη,  Δεν έτυχε.. Πέτυχε!