Flocafe Espresso Room opened their first store in the British capital! The new store is located in one of the most central locations of London, at 40 South Molton Street, a breath away from Oxford Street, next to the “Bond Street” tube station. The new store is focusing on introducing Londoners to the art of coffee, in a city that constitutes the heart of world food & drink trends!

Mr. Giorgos Kartalis, International Operations Manager of the Goody’s-Everest Group, stated: “We are very happy and proud of our new Flocafe in London, in a particularly dynamic market with strong competition from local and global players. The history and expertise of our long presence in the Greek market, our investment in innovation, research and development, as well as in customer experience, have rendered Flocafe the most beloved brand in Greece. We are confident that these same features will make Flocafe stand out, become the favorite choice of British consumers and that this store will be the beginning of many more to come in the UK market.”

In London’s Flocafe Espresso Room, coffee remains the protagonist. The well-trained and certified by the international organization SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe) baristi undertake to introduce the consumers to the absolute coffee experience by preparing their guests coffee on the basis of the 3 already well-known blends of Flocafe Espresso Room (America Latina, African Earth, Honduras Premium), in accordance with the international WBC (World Barista Championship) standards. Of course, the all-time classics and signature beverages of Flocafe can not be absent from this store.

Flocafe Espresso Room stirs London up by introducing a new consumer trend which, although widespread in our country, is a novelty for England: the iced version of espresso and Cappuccino (Freddo), which, in fact, one can enjoy all year round! Consumers’ education in the Greek culture continues with the Greek coffee and, of course, with the famous Greek pies (cheese pie, bougatsa pie, etc.), offered freshly baked and constituting the ideal and much-touted Greek breakfast: coffee and bougatsa pie!

Consumers can combine their favorite Flocafe coffees and imaginative beverages (in store or on the go) with daily made snacks from the “Grab n Go” point in the store. Fresh and seasonal fruit salads, original sandwiches and tortillas, yoghurt with toppings are only some of the proposed choices.

One last stop at yet another point in the shop that is full of reminiscences of Greece, “Our Shop”, and the image of Flocafe Espresso Room acquires an additional premium traditional tinge: Greek traditional handmade jams, the famous Greek honey, “ypovrichio” (mastic-flavored sugar paste) and of course the unique blends in freshly milled and packaged form will bring some of the Greek magic in British homes!