The new, delicious, 100% natural DELTA Smart juices are coming… in our refrigerator! The 100% natural DELTA Smart juices form the new specialized line of products created by Delta, expanding the range of the high in nutritional value DELTA Smart products that are designed and suitably enriched so as to contribute to cover the development and growth needs of preschool and school children, as part of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

The new line of 100% natural DELTA Smart juices consists of 3 amazing and tasty fruit combinations: Apple-Orange, Peach -Apricot Cocktail, Cherry-Strawberry Cocktail. 100% natural, with no preservatives, no added sugars, only with natural fruit sugars, enriched with vitamins and minerals, in an innovative packaging… for squeezing!!

DELTA, always a pioneer, innovates once again and creates the first 100% natural refrigerated juice for children, which can be preserved up to 6 hours out of the refrigerator, allowing in that way the child to enjoy his favorite juice… everywhere: at school, at the playground, during a trip…

DELTA Smart Juice! It is to… squeeze for!!