BARBA STATHIS, a subsidiary of Vivartia, member of the MIG Group, pioneer and leader in the frozen vegetables and frozen dough market in our country, was awarded the “DIAMONDS of the GREEK ECONOMY 2016” prize.

The company exploits the potential of the Greek soil and implements an integrated farm management system as part of contract farming, fully supporting the Greek farmers. BARBA STATHIS collaborates with more than 1300 Greek farmers/producers (which are constantly increasing) and manages more than 30,000 acres of crop in total.

At the same time, it is the most important player in the market of frozen dough products with the brand CHRYSI ZYMI.

The company has developed, through the Barba Stathis and Chrysi Zymi products, a significant and growing export activity, from America to Australia, through which it enshrines the benefits of the Greek diet abroad.

Mr. Antonis Mavridoglou, BARBA STATHIS’ CEO, stated during the attribution of the prize: “BARBA STATHIS is a shining example of how a Greek company that is a leader in this industry can contribute to the support and development of the Greek economy. We are in Greece and will remain in the country, supporting the economy and Greek families.”

The “DIAMONDS of the GREEK ECONOMY” prizes are awarded annually by ACTIVE BUSINESS PUBLISHING.