Barba Stathis, filling the most demanding needs for a healthy and balanced diet, has developed, in collaboration with the doctors-nutritionists of the Hygeia Hospital the new, innovative line of ready meals, “Taste & Health”.

The line consists of 5 new, chilled ready meals, low in sugar and salt, which can be consumed by people who are on a diet for diabetes or hypertension, always with the guidance and consent of the treating doctor. The “Taste & Health” meals are also ideal for those who want to follow a healthy diet, without compromising on taste!

The recipes of this food line, in collaboration with the medical specialists, have been looked after by the Group’s chef, who has chosen flavors from the Greek traditional cuisine, such as the Briam, Okra stewed in oil with chicken and green beans with olive oil with sun-dried tomato & potato, but also more special tastes like whole wheat penne with spinach and ricotta, and Salmon with grilled vegetables. These meals do not require any pre-treatment or addition of a certain material, and can be ready in 4′ into the microwave or in 20’ in a conventional oven. They are kept in the fridge, always with the guarantee of quality of Barba Stathis!

Health & taste every day, without compromise.

Barba Stathis. It is good for us!SINTHESI