The new products “Croissants by the Golden Dough” (Chrysi Zymi) excelled within the context of the 15th Sales & Marketing Conference organized by the magazine SALES MARKETING & BUSINESS REVIEW.

The Croissants by Golden Dough, only a few months after their launch in the Greek market, were awarded as one of the most successful launches of the year, in the category of frozen doughs.

The new butter Croissants by “Golden Dough” are made with selected natural ingredients, do not contain preservatives and come into the House of the Greek family to make enjoyable every hour of the day.  They represent on more innovation of “Golden dough” and were quickly loved by the general public, since they stand out for their high quality, the authentic taste and their unique price!

Think of croissant, think of the “Golden Dough”.

It’s not just luck…It’s a success!