VIGLA OLYMPUS was founded in 1990 and since 1997 is a 100% subsidiary of VIVARTIA-DELTA S.A., the largest dairy company in Greece, leader in the white milk market, chocolate milk, chilled juices and infant yogurt. The milk is collected, from 1.200 selected sheep and goat breeders, guided, supported and supervised, daily, by VIVARTIA-DELTA ’s specialists.

VIGLA OLYMPUS S.A. is located in the highlands of Elassona at the foothills of mountain Olympus. The city of Elassona, a city of central Greece with a long history, is famous for its long tradition in cheese-making and the supreme quality of the cheeses produced. The unquestionable advantage of VIGLA OLYMPUS products results from a fully automated process following the principles and the values of a long lasting cheese-tradition. This delicate balance gives birth to cheeses of premium quality, Feta P.D.O. and Kasseri P.D.O. that offer a unique authentic taste pleasure to the cheese lovers.

The company is been certified from the HELLENIC ORGANIZATION for STANDARDIZATION (ELOT) regarding the Food Safety of Management Systems (HACCP) and fulfils the requirements of the ΕLΟΤ EN ISO 22000:2005 standard. VIGLA OLYMPUS SA is been inspected and certified from the independent institution AIB International for the effective application of Good Hygiene Practices according to the: [/one_half][one_half_last]

  • BRC (British Retail Consortium) Grade A

Vigla Olympus keeps a well established cheese-making process under the highest quality and hygiene standards

VIGLA OLYMPUS main products are: Feta P.D.O., the famous Greek white cheese ripened in brine, and Kasseri P.D.O., the traditional semi-hard cheese of Kashkaval type, with flavourful character and velvet texture. Both cheeses are produced exclusively from selected sheep’s and goat’s milk and are certified as Protected Designation of Origin products of premium quality.

The special local sheep and goat breeds as well as the natural wealth of the Greek landscape, are the critical factors for the distinctive quality of the milk, used for the cheese production.

Feta P.D.O. is the famous traditional Greek cheese known worldwide. It is a soft white cheese, ripened in brine. Feta is a Protected Designation of origin (P.D.O.) cheese, made exclusively of selected local sheep’s and goat’s milk. The rich, slightly piquant and acid taste of Feta cheese forms its strong character. Its soft, creamy to crumbly texture and its velvet mouth feel make Feta ideal to enhance the taste of salads.

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