Goody’s leaves nothing to chance!

Goody’s, the largest chain of modern restaurants in Greece, has won the trust of consumers through the excellent quality of its food over the last 4 decades. Goody’s commitment to safe and quality food is confirmed in practice.

Goody’s strict Quality Assurance system, with its continuous, thorough and daily controls carried out from raw materials, receipt, storage, processing to the end point of sale ensures premium quality and safety of products offered on a daily basis to our consumers.

Our system is designed so as to make certain that your choice, apart from being enjoyable, is also safe. The vast part of Goody’s raw materials is provided by its subsidiary, Hellenic Catering, which is a Greek sophisticated production unit and a role model for the industry. Moreover, Goody’s has long term partnerships with certified raw material suppliers in accordance with the most stringent International standards.

Goody’s continuous investment in personnel training on Food Quality and Safety as well as in fully automated technology systems ensures high quality services and products. Technology also contributes to reducing the likelihood of human error in the sector of food safety -of critical importance in this field- and helps personnel work even better. Examples that illustrate the point are all the automated cooking equipment, electronic temperature monitoring in all fridges and freezers. The use of technology helps our restaurants apply HACCP, a preventive system for food hygiene and safety which aims at eliminating all hazards in safe food production. It is implemented across all levels, starting from raw materials selection and ending at consumers’ plates.

Today, all Goody’s restaurants apply HACCP which is the most modern Food Hygiene & Safety Management System globally, the effective implementation of which is certified according to ISO 22000 by TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS.