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Delta Foods S.A: history

1952: Aristides Daskalopoulos establishes DELTA, a family business with 20 employees and 10 vehicles for distributing milk and yoghurt in Athens. Since then, DELTA has been growing in a steadfast and sustained manner and today DELTA products dominate the dairy products market.
1965: The business is relocated to its present premises in Tavros. A milk pasteurisation and plastic bottling unit is installed, one of the major investments at the time.
1979: DELTA claims the largest market share in milk distribution in Athens. 1980: DELTA gains a leading position in the production and sale of ice-cream. 1985: The production of Milko is launched; the first fresh chocolate milk in carton packaging.
1987: DELTA pioneers the use of carton packaging for Fresh Milk and is the first to introduce milk homogenisation in Greece.
1989: DELTA dynamically enters the short life juice market.
1990: The company is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange.
1994: The new fully automated yoghurt factory in Aghios Stephanos is inaugurated.
1995: The new state-of-the-art dairy and juice factory in Tavros, Attica is inaugurated.1999: DELTA applies vertical integration of fresh milk production and enters into primary production (livestock) with the first New Generation Farms in Komotini.

2000: DELTA becomes a holding company, DELTA HOLDING S.A. The food and ice cream operations become independent companies under the names DELTA PROTYPOS VIOMICHANIA GALAKTOS S.A. (DELTA DAIRY INDUSTRY S.A.) and DELTA VIOMICHANIA PAGOTOU S.A. (DELTA ICE CREAM INDUSTRY S.A.) respectively. In the same year, following the demise of DELTA’s Founder and President, Aristides Daskalopoulos, his son, Dimitris Daskalopoulos, assumes his position.
2001: DELTA is designated Grand National Sponsor of the Athens 2004 Olympics in the plain milk and ice cream categories.
2002: Acquisition of a majority stake in CHARALAMBIDIS LTD., the historic and largest dairy industry of Cyprus.
2003: Inauguration of the new Model Fresh Milk Factory by DELTA-Macedonia in Sindos, Thessaloniki
2006: DELTA HOLDING S.A. is renamed VIVARTIA following a merger by absorption of DELTA PROTYPOS VIOMICHANIA GALAKTOS (DELTA DAIRY INDUSTRY S.A.), CHIPITA INTERNATIONAL, GOODY’S and GENIKI TROFIMON (GENERAL FOODS), becoming the largest food manufacturer in Greece, producer of top of the line food brands with strong presence in Europe. Today, DELTA constitutes the dairy and drinks division of the Vivartia Group.