Hellenic Catering: profile

Hellenic Catering S.A. began operations in 1980. It belongs to Vivartia’s Food Servcies group and is one of the most important catering and food industries in Greece.
HELLENIC CATERING is the supplier of the group’s food services chains. At the same time it is the checkpoint for all the products supplied to the outlets of our chains.

Indicatively, clients include the points of sale of branded food services chains such as Goody’s, Everest, Flocafe, La Pasteria, etc., hotels, restaurants, food services, catering and food companies (HoReCa), catering systems for the shipping and aviation industry, as well as retail points such as Super Markets.

The company’s present premises in Sindos are located in the industrial area of Thessaloniki with a surface area of 16,500 sq. m. and house the production of frozen meat products, frozen cooked foods, sauces, salads, dressings and sandwiches as well as a logistics centre to serve distribution in Northern Greece. Operations related to FLOCA products (ice creams, patisserie and bakery-confectionary) as well as the logistics centre for distribution in Southern Greece are located in Pallini, Attica, in premises with a surface area of 10,000 sq.m. Both plants (Sindos and Pallini) are owned by Vivartia and have been designed, built and equipped as state-of-the-art operations.

The company employs specialized and appropriately trained workers, technical and scientific personnel and keeps abreast of technology so as to meet customers’ needs and keep abreast of developments related to its operations. It fosters the continuous development and improvement of its employees, which are the strong link in the chain of satisfying the customer at an optimal cost.

The Quality department carries out 1,800 checks and own checks daily, 200 of which are microbiological. The company contributes to training scientists employed in the food sector by offering its sites for visits and training for students from all over Greece. Additionally, since the start of its operations it has been a staunch supporter of internships for food sector.

HELLENIC CATERING is eager to invest in practices and infrastructure concerning Health, Safety and Quality, which is why its products and facilities constitute a benchmark for industries of the sector. The company is firmly committed to the principle of Quality in every single process and continuously ensures compliance of applied procedures with the national and community Legislation in effect, as well as optional International Quality Standards.

It ensures consistent quality in the products which it produces and/or markets as well as in the services it provides to its customers so as to meet their requirements, retaining a high level of effectiveness and competitiveness.

HELLENIC CATERING complies with the legal framework of the EU Directives and Regulations and Greek legislation. It has all the required licenses and permits from the jointly competent Public Authorities which also monitor and supervise its operation continuously. In 1985 it was the 5th company in Greece to receive a Veterinary Approval Code for an Establishment according to the European Union standards (code A5) which was issued by the Ministry of Agriculture. Today the company has six Veterinary Approval Codes for its establishments and undergoes continuous routine inspections and periodic document controls by both Greek and E.U. Services. These inspections include on-site inspections of production sites as well as product sampling, which on the one hand verify that own checks have been carried out correctly and on the other hand maintain the 6 Veterinary Establishment Approval Codes in force.

Two fully equipped and staffed Quality control laboratories operate on company premises at Sindos and Pallini in order to perform own checks (microbiological and physico-chemical) for food produced or marketed by the company. It should be noted that the Quality control laboratory in Sindos operates since 1980 when the laboratory control needs for relevant activities in the sector were served only by State labs. Since the beginning of its operations HELLENIC CATERING has put in place, applied and been certified by Internationally recognized Management Systems that pertain to the Quality, Health and Safety of its Products, the Environment, as well as the Health and Safety of its Employees (ISO9001, ISO22000, IFS, ISO14001, ISO18001). The internal production process monitoring procedures and specifications ensure the safety and quality of its products and the efficacy of the systems applied.